Premises Monitoring & Response

Why you should consider Monitoring – be reassured with a response to your triggered alarm by a highly trained professional to guide you through your stressful situation.

Monitoring of your alarm, recognising exactly which sensor has been triggered is crucial to determine your reaction. It’s comforting to be able to speak to a real person, a local who can help determine which sensors have been activated and offer solutions when you are in a panicked state.

Our certified Grade A1 monitoring station has Australian based real people able to advise you with a calm, soothing and practical approach.

When you pay a premium to engage a monitoring station you gain the peace of mind that they can help you, not just an SMS notification. At Security Heroes our Monitoring Station adheres to the highest Australian standards – certified A1 grade security response.

Trained operators understand what’s going on in the event of your alarm being triggered. Has more than one sensor been triggered? Is it a faulty sensor or by confirmation of more than one sensor being triggered able to determine what’s happening on site without you needing to enter your premises.

Do you require a ‘PATROL’ to check out the perimeter of your premises? Victoria Police do not respond to alarm activations without confirmation on site or by video verification.

So, in the event your alarm is activated and it’s not a false alarm, trained personnel can help you determine your best response with your safety in mind.