Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need back-to-base monitoring?

When a monitored security detector activates, the alarm panel automatically calls the monitoring centre in a matter of seconds as well as sounding your local sirens. Trained personnel quickly telephone to check if the alarm is valid, and if there’s any doubt can quickly dispatch security patrols or other responding personnel.

You literally have trained operators capable of watching over you and your property anytime 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from our Australian Standards (AS2201.2.A1) certified monitoring centre. The value of your alarm without back-to-base monitoring is questionable, as your alarm will tend to be an invitation to potential thieves who may survey the neighbourhood before intruding or by returning after no-one responds to an earlier intrusion. The immediate phone call to the premises by the control room also gets intruders leaving as quick as they came as they don’t know how long until anyone arrives.

Most neighbours don’t want to get involved and simply ignore alarm sirens. By law in Australia, sirens must shut down after about 5 minutes. In Victoria, police will not respond to unmonitored alarms. Back-to-base monitoring is a key element for anyone seeking serious security coverage, with insurers often requiring this level of protection. Nearly all insurance companies (who can demonstrate that risk is lowered by back-to-base monitoring) reward you by giving you a discount on your premium, a lower excess, or both!

What do the others on my contact list do if they are called when I’m not available?

If called, they can request us to send a patrol, check it out themselves, or most commonly they may ask us to call them back if another sensor triggers by which time they may have been able to contact you by text or voice.

Do the others on my contact list need a password?

The others on your contact list only need a password if they call us or if they answer at your home. If we call them on their mobile and confirm their identity we will accept their instructions. You can either give them your password (just in case they need it) or ask them for their own password that they will remember – just let us know what you/they decide?

Should I tell my insurance company I’ve installed a monitored alarm?

Most insurance companies appreciate you lowering the risk of burglary by installing a monitored security system and reward you by giving you a discount on your premium, a lower excess or both!