CCTV Cameras

We Service, Upgrade or Install new hard-wired CCTV Ultra-HD Cameras with an App on your mobile to watch live or playback from recordings, with trip-wire notifications.

Secure your premises with a Closed-Circuit TV camera system that can notify you of someone on your property before they enter and will record their movement. Localised recording of activity as seen by skilfully placed cameras stealthily recording the movements around your premises storing onto a physical hard drive.

Expert advice on placement of cameras to capture potential intruders without them being able to avoid detection.

Quality cameras are a great deterrent, with high-definition time-stamped recording and clear night vision that can be used by Police to identify those who offend.

Together we consider whether you might install a ‘UPS – Uninterruptable Power Supply’ to keep the cameras recording in the event of a power failure.

Which type of CCTV system should you consider? There is a big difference between a professionally installed quality CCTV system and wireless DIY camera kits. Cheaper options provide you with low-quality solutions that do not provide facial or number plate recognition, may not work well at night and if they record proof, it is often difficult to find or produce as evidence. They often also require frequent battery replacement.